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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

11 August, 2017

Debilitating pain in foot and ankle

"I saw Mr Malik a couple of months ago, as I was experiencing terrible pain in my foot and ankle - particularly on getting up in the morning, and after driving to work. I had already had an x-ray via the NHS which didn't reveal anything, and nothing further could be done. I then saw Mr Malik privately, and he left no stone unturned in finding the cause of my pain. He discovered that I am heavily Vitamin D deficient - this was the cause of all my problems. It is such a relief to walk again without limping and enduring eye watering pain. Apart from being a very clever man, Mr Malik is one of the nicest people you will meet. I recommend Mr Malik to you unreservedly . Go and see him, you will be pleased you did."

Ruth Thompson

13 June, 2017

Hallux Valgus - Bunion correction with 2nd toe correction

"I contacted Mr Malik as he had treated my husband and a friend already. I had been suffering from pain in my 2nd toe for some time and was struggling to walk - he quickly diagnosed that my bunion was the root cause of my issue and needed to be corrected. I needed a bit of persuasion that an operation was essential and while Mr Malik can be humorous and have a laugh he was deadly serious about my needing the op. That was in September last year - the operation taking place in November. I am writing this rather later than intended (about 4 months!) but I am now back to walking long distances and wearing almost all the shoes I did before. Whilst running is a thing of the past (he actually can't perform miracles) I am fully mobile and exercising. The secret was following the strict post op routine and taking the advice. Mr Malik was a pleasure to be treated by and I almost miss his consultations. He is also fully engaged with his patients and cares - a lot - about the outcomes - he's always at the end of a phone! I'd recommend him to anyone - and indeed I already have! Sorry it took so long to write this!"

Cat Heppel

05 April, 2017

Bone exostosis excision (bony lump on big toe)

"My procedure involved an operation to remove a bony growth on my big toe which had become rather unsightly under my toenail. From the first meeting with Mr Malik I felt immediately at ease in his presence. We built a strong rapport which lasted throughout the whole process until the final appointment when I was discharged. For me, this level of trust with Mr Malik was essential, due to the anxiety I was feeling about the impending operation. When it came to the morning of the procedure I was highly impressed and inspired by the focus and confidence Mr Malik displayed prior to and after the operation. Any worries or fears were allayed as I felt reassured that all was in hand and would be concluded effectively and efficiently. With regards to the outcome; this was a great success. I am very happy with how my toe is healing. Aesthetically, I was very surprised, as I was expecting my toe to be quite disfigured. However it now looks completely normal. I cannot thank Mr Malik enough for all his kindness, support and encouragement throughout this process and would strongly recommend him to anyone of my family and friends."

Nicola Hicks

25 March, 2017

Lateral Ligament and High Ankle Sprain

"It's a rare skill to be able to convey complex details of an operation in a simple and understanding way whilst making you feel at ease. To have a conversation like this while feeling like you are talking to your friend in the pub makes Mr Malik exceptional. When I phoned concerned about my cast late on a Friday evening and Mr Malik said "see you first thing tomorrow" what more could you ask for!! It was a pleasure to be a patient of such a professional and warm hearted consultant... And he even fixed my ankle!!"

Tim Folley

25 November, 2016

Dislocated peroneus longus & brevis tendons  

"I was referred to Dr Malik by a work colleague and I have to say I was completely satisfied with the way he treated me from start to finish. What I was most satisfied with was that I was able to contact him on his personal mobile from the day I saw him all the way through to today where I am back and fully recovered. Having him on the end of the phone gave me complete assurances that I was on the right path and brushed away any doubts that I had post surgery. Another thing I have been impressed with is how clean my scar is. I have seen approx three different physiotherapists and they have all been impressed with the cleanliness and quality of the scar and this has left me with virtually hardly any scar tissue. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Malik."

George Gregoriou


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