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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

09 September, 2015

Achilles Insertional Tendinopathy

"For some time I suffered pain and a lack of mobility in my left ankle, I gained limited success from physiotherapy. On referral to Mr Malik the problem was explained to me in plain english and the solution outlined, I required a Zadeks procedure for Achilles insertional tendinopathy. 3 months later I am walking with confidence and without pain or restriction. The procedure and recovery were aided by the professionalism and reassuring personality of Mr Malik and his support team. A big, big thank you, I have my mobility back. TonyO'"

Thomas O'Sullivan

10 August, 2015

Right foot bunion (hallux valgus) and left big toe arthritis (hallux rigidus)

"I am a 67 year old woman who loves to walk, play golf and travel but for the last few years have had increasing pain and discomfort in my feet which was affecting my ability to do the things I love. I asked around about foot specialists and Mr Maliks name was given as a strong recommendation. I visited him and he xrayed my feet and discussed with me the 2 operations that were required. The first one for the bunion was to be pinned and he explained how I needed someone to help me for a few weeks as I absolutely must elevate my feet at different levels for 6 weeks, in particular the first 2 wks when it has to be raised above the heart night and day! He explained unless I agreed to do my share of the work by doing as I was told it would not work. So I went away and thought about the situation, then arranged to see him again and fix the due date for the operation. I had the procedure done on 2/4/15 and all went well. I was given crutches and a special shoe and sent home. I was lucky and had no real pain and did exactly as I was told. Unfortunately I developed a minor reaction to soluable stitches but that was sorted on my 2 wk follow up appointment. I went back after another 4 wks and had a few wks to do some hydro therapy in a pool and then on 23/6/15, I went back for a fusion on my big toe on the left foot. Again all went well and I had nylon stitches this time so no problems. I had pain for a couple of days but had been given tablets to sort that out and had to keep the foot elevated again but this time I could not put my left foot down for 6 wks so it was quite awkward, but as I had the operations done in the summer at least I could sit in the garden to pass away the time. You really do need someone to help you during this time as you are quite helpless! The whole experience has been testing in as far as your lack of capacity to do things, but I am sure it was a great decision as these things only get worse if not treated. I think Mr Malik has been brilliant in his treatment and lovely friendly manner. I still have a while before I can really get back to normal but it is August 10 th now and I am walking around on both feet and will start physio soon and next year look forward to enjoying the rest of my life. I think it is important to remember to do exactly as Mr Malik instructs you, also to consider when you want it done as it takes a few months to recover and make sure you have someone to help you through the whole experience."

Mary Walker

08 August, 2015

Osteoarthritis in my left ankle - treated with Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion

"I like to walk and was experiencing increasing discomfort when exercising friend's dogs and even when doing my lollypop job for the local council. During my last week I am afraid I was having to drag my leg across the road while attending the school children. Mr Malik assured me that ankle fusion would deal with the problem and that I would be able to walk again without pain. As a christian I put my trust in Mr Malik and God. I am 77 and there is an element of risk but by following all the instructions I knew it would eventually turn out right. I went in on December 16th 2014 and Mr Malik and his team made it happen. My wife helped by ensuring good dietary practice weeks before the operation and subsequently for many months. I followed all the instructions like having my foot raised above my heart for long periods. The pain did not seem to be in a hurry to leave me but was controllable. Mr Malik arranged for follow up tests to ensure that all was going to plan. At my last appointment in June 2015 I was advised that the x-rays showed perfect fusion. I continue with walking in the swimming pool daily during the week and follow the instructions of the physiotherapist who is getting me back to walking correctly. It will take time because I am 77 but I expect full mobility by the end of the year. Strangely there are no marks from the surgery which I am told is because keyhole surgery was applied. It is quite amazing. My ankle still swells up but this is a temporary issue. I am back at work now doing my lollypop job which I enjoy enormously. Can't wait for the new term in September. I would commend the entire team for what they have done for me; whether it be the referal by my GP Dr. Sutton to Mr. Malik and subsequently the physiotherapists at Stoke Mandeville. I owe you all a huge thank you. Now is the time to do my bit and look after my ankle."

Brian Kennedy

07 August, 2015

Left ankle Arthritis : Treated with a total ankle replacement

"I have Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in most of my joints, I had already had a right hip replacement but had been getting terrible pain in my left ankle for some time. My Rheumatologist had injected it for me a couple of times and sent me for physio. Nothing seemed to help much, I was then given a large boot to wear and had another injection (this time ultrasound guided). It was getting worse and I couldn't put weight on it without the boot. I plodded around in my boot for nearly a year, the pain never eased, it was there day and night ........ Then I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Malik and I am so pleased I was. Mr Malik explained all that was wrong, what he could do and talked me all through it. I had my total ankle replacement about 2 years ago in the Trauma and orthopaedic unit in High Wycombe hospital. I had been told beforehand that if they couldn't do a total replacement I would have it fused. I didn't want a general so had the spinal injection (best thing in my opinion) No horrible after effects from the anaesthetic. My leg was plastered in the operating theatre, with an opening at the front where it was stitched. I went home two days later with and was told not to weight bare for 12 weeks, hopping on the other leg was quite hard as I can't use crutches (due to shoulder problems) I did have a bit of a problem with the plaster cast, it dug into the bottom of my foot and cause a large sore that did take a while to heal, but that was nothing compared to what I had been going through before. Mr Malik was brilliant and saw me almost every week till the sore healed. Once the stitches and plaster were removed, I had to wear the boot for a little while longer and have physio, I also had some hydrotherapy for it. I have a lot of other ongoing problems with my joints but my ankle is absolutely brilliant and I can't thank Mr Malik enough for all he has done. I have since had a knee replaced too but by a different surgeon, I have had no pain at all in my new ankle. I do hope I don't have to have any more operations on my feet or ankles, but if I ever do. I hope I have Mr Malik, nothing is too much trouble, he has a wonderful manner and above all is a brilliant surgeon Thank you Mr Malik for all you have done for me, I will be forever grateful."

Heather Llewellyn

21 July, 2015

1st MTP joint fusion for severe arthritis and 2nd toe relocation for dislocated 2nd toe

"In December 2014 after seeing Mr Malik I decided to go ahead with the operation. February 2015 the operation was successfully done. Felt good - two weeks in bed with foot raised (I was a very good girl), but on removing dressing I had a fungal infection - just one of those things. Dealing with situations when they are going well is easy. Dealing with situations when they appear not to be going well tests the resolve of the patient and consultant. All I can say was I had immediate attention and everything was then back on track. Two weeks later yet another infection - it was a roller coaster ride but again a combination of good nurses, good consultant and a co-operative patient meant that we all got back on track for the second time. Six weeks hopping around or in a wheel chair was not pleasant but the result was good. It is now July, physio and hydro therapy finished last month I am now doing almost everything I was doing before except long walks but this is coming. Swelling a problem with shoes, glad its summertime. Thank-you Mr Malik and the team."

Joan Blunden


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