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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

16 December, 2015

Lump between toes - benign tumour

"I had a lump appear between my toes on the left foot. It was ok to begin with then it started getting sore and restricting what shoes I wore. Dr Malik said that he would remove it but there was a risk I could lose feeling in that area. The op was successful, all of the lump was removed and I still have feeling in my toes. The lump came back as benign so alls well. Dr Malik has also treated my daughter with a funny bone growth in her big toe, she is all healed now. The whole team from start to finish were brilliant. Many, many thanks ..Scott"

Scott Rarity

14 December, 2015

Talus insufficiency fracture/avascular necrosis

"After suffering with severe foot and ankle pain, I saw Mr Malik, who put me at ease with his expertise and kindness. Now thanks to him making the correct diagnosis, I have made a full recovery. Many thanks."

Wendy Michell

30 November, 2015

Bunion with severe arthritis and 2nd hammer toe deformity

"Nothing to worry about. Excellent surgeon, now happy to have the other foot done."

Gay Titley

12 November, 2015

Achilles tendon repair and Gastrocnemius release contralateral side

"I severed one Achilles tendon and damaged the other one. Mr Malik did a superb repair operation on the one and a gastroc release operation on the other. Both operations and recovery were very successful with full movement in both tendons now. Throughout the procedures Mr Malik and his team have been extremely professional and supportive and have also shown the amount of humour I needed to get me through what for me was a period of a very unnatural and frustrating sedentary lifestyle. Thank you"

Sheila Walmsley

28 October, 2015

Osteoarthritis in right ankle - treated with ankle fusion

"For the love of sport! Since my early thirties after playing football, tennis and badminton since as far back as I care to remember, I started to experience pain in my right ankle. I would play a game of football on a Sunday and limp for the next two or three days. I had always walked on the side of my foot and wore orthotics in my shoes from my late teens. Over time cartilage had worn down and I was experiencing wear and tear of the joint (Osteoarthritis). In 2006 I had my first operation (not under Mr Malik) to try and correct the imbalance at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital, Fibula and Tibia were broken and the leg straightened. This was moderately successful but could not stem the progression of the arthritis. I was now playing a waiting game I was in my late thirties and I thought if I could bide my time long enough there would be this wonderful new scientific breakthrough that could repair my ankle without fusion. I waited until 2014 (46 years old) when my father who had been under Mr Malik for his ankle problem suggested I go and see him, as the pain and my limp was getting worse. Wednesday 3rd December 2014 was my appointment with Mr Malik. D-day - what was he to make of my ankle? After the usual x-rays Mr Malik strongly advised me to have an ankle fusion. My thoughts - I was too young this is for people in their sixties and seventies. Surely there must be another option. I did not take this well, as a young man I always dreamed of one day being able to play men’s football with my son, as I am so passionate about the sport. Dreams now dashed due to the state of my ankle and impending treatment. It hit me hard but when Mr Malik told me that if I did not have the fusion soon, in a couple of years the ankle would be so deformed his only option would be to put a metal rod into the bottom of my foot up into the leg. As you can imagine my focus changed quickly. I had the operation on February 17th 2015, in plaster for 14 weeks then a boot for a further 4 weeks. Getting mobile again by the middle of June. I was back cycling and down the gym by the end of June. At the gym I would stick to the cross trainer and the bike where there was little impact on the ankle. I did not have any problems at all. I have recently come back from a weekend away at the Cotswolds where I surprised myself by going on a 9 mile walk. Something that I could never have achieved before the operation. I can walk again without pain! This to me was fantastic! Ankle fusion! It’s not that bad! In fact it’s rather good! OK I didn’t get the magic bullet that I was hoping for, but guess what. I have had the next best thing. Thank you Mr Malik from the bottom of my heart. Good Job!"

David Jackson


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