Patient Testimonials

At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

10 November, 2014

Lesser Toe Deformity

"How do you say in a few words the gratitude I feel to Dr Malik for his professionalism, incredible confidence he inspired, and his personable manner. From consultation to discharge, the operations performed were explained, questions answered, and above all reassurance given. Thank you does not seem enough."

A Thomas

10 November, 2014

Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion for Post-traumatic Ankle Arthritis

"November 2013 I had an ankle fusion surgery done by Mr Malik. Although this was a difficult decision, so far the benefits of the surgery are far beyond any expectation I had. The ankle fusion has corrected a dropped foot from a nerve injury, which caused me to limp badly. Walking has become much easier and a pleasure again, and the limp has gone. Mr Malik is approachable, kind and easy to communicate with and I truly believe cares deeply about his patients and the service he provides. Patients have his email address and the replies come back quickly. Dates for planned surgery are given well in advance, great so that plans for family and work can be made. In my experience Mr Malik is a highly skilled surgeon, providing an excellent service and has a modern approach to communication and administration. Clinic consultations are not rushed, plenty of time is spent giving an explanation and making sure there is understanding of the condition, surgery, rehabilitation etc. Having worked in the NHS for 30 years it is encouraging to see progress, skill and a modern approach emerging. Mr Malik comes with my highest recommendation if you are needing the services of a specialist ankle and foot surgeon."

A Hogget

10 November, 2014

Chronic Achilles Tendon Rupture and Reconstruction

"I remain extremely grateful to Mr Malik's skill and kindness in successfully repairing my torn Achilles tendon allowing me to walk again without a limp and finish a round of golf."

J Lewis

21 July, 2014

2nd Metatarsal Instability/Crossover Toe

"I am taking this opportunity to send a huge thank you to Mr Malik who has improved my quality of every day life beyond my expectations. I was referred by my GP to Mr Malik because I was in a lot of pain and finding it very difficult to walk. My second toe was crossed over and sitting on top of my big toe making it extremely difficult to wear any type of shoe and to walk for any length of time or distance. On meeting Mr Malik I was instantly made to feel very relaxed due to his kind, considerate approach and obvious dedication to his patients and his work. The surgery has been hugely successful and I am delighted with the results. Many thanks!"

J Berry

16 June, 2014

Post-traumatic Ankle Arthritis Treated by Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion

"Mr Malik has an excellent patient/doctor relationship. Mr Malik is patient, professional, kind and caring. He is always happy to answer questions and give you his time. He is a talented and friendly surgeon with a human touch, a rare thing."

D Bull


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