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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

29 June, 2015

Achilles tendinopathy and other related issues.

"Having broken my ankle about 20 years ago playing netball, I have suffered with ligament issues on and off for years. Recently the pain has become much worse and was not being resolved despite physio and painkillers. My first meeting with Mr Malik was wonderful. Within minutes he seemed to have worked out what was wrong, he explained clearly what he thought and had 'a plan'. Whilst my ankle treatment is still on-going, I would like to thank Mr Malik for his kindness and understanding. Not only did he take the time to explain his 'plan' and to reassure me, he also was incredibly thoughtful, caring and supportive when other issues arose."

Liz Pilgrim

26 June, 2015

Ankle arthritis treated with Ankle fusion

"Having suffered terrible pain for over 5 years and walking with a limp, I met Mr malik who reassured me he could help me. True to his word I'm back at work scaffolding and limp free. I would like to thank him for getting my life back. Not bad for a 60 year old, thank you."

John todd

11 June, 2015

Calcified heel spur as a result of insertional Achilles tendinopathy treated with Achilles speed bridge

"I first met Mr Malik last September. I had problems with my foot for quite some time. I had an x-ray then the consultants apptointment. The spur was plain to see. Mr Malik explained what he would like to do. As the recovery time is quite long I got the collywobbles. I was sent away for 2 weeks to decide. I returned saying "yes proceed". I was offered an appointment for the operation with in a few weeks. I had my operation on 19/3/15. All went well by all accounts. I was of course asleep! After the operation I had backslab plaster and had to keep the foot above heart level for 2 weeks. I was then non weight bearing for another week. Then I wore a special boot for 2 weeks. Then we were sort of walking. Google being my best friend, I seem to have progressed quicker and with less problems than other people on line. Any medical person I have seen to date - June 2015, has been impressed. Wound healed very well. The internal healing still going on, however many many thanks to Mr Malik, who has done a fantastic job."

Rosie Guidery

08 June, 2015

Lesser metatarsal head resection (Rheumatoid arthritic foot)

"Mr Malik is courteous, personable and highly professional. He gave me clear advice on what was involved in my operation and firm instructions on what I needed to do to be fully recovered in 6 weeks. He instilled such confidence that I followed his advice to the letter and 6 weeks post op I am now fully recovered. He is without doubt a superb orthopaedic surgeon - I could not have received better treatment anywhere. Thank you Mr Malik."

E Parry

08 June, 2015

Talonavicular Arthritis

"Having originally been misdiagnosed with ruptured ligaments when I turned my ankle on a kerb (leaving my doctor's surgery for something unrelated!), I was referred to Mr Malik by my NHS physiotherapist. His team discovered I had actually broken the talonavicular joint on the top of my right foot nine months previously. As the damage to the cartilage was now causing arthritis, I was offered a choice: an operation to pin the bones together (which would put me out of action for up to 3 months), or to try a non operative regime of a glucosamine sulphate supplement together with a stepped insole. I opted for the latter, and three months later I have thrown away the stick and painkillers, and can walk 75% normally again, play some golf and walk the dog for an hour each day. Perhaps sometime in the future I may need Mr Malik's surgery skills as the arthritis takes it toll, but for now I can enjoy a normal life without the pain I suffered for those nine long months. Thank you to and him and everyone at Wycombe Hospital."

M Cole


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