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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

27 April, 2015


"I met Mr Malik for the very first time in September 2014, having finally decided to do something about bunions that I had been suffering from for most of my 64-year long life. The meeting didn’t bring exactly what I naively had been hoping for – my expected miracle cure was not on offer. On offer was professional information and advice, spoken in a language an ordinary person could understand. Due to the state of my feet Mr Malik made it clear it was not going to be easy. He never tried to pull the wool over my eyes. Having gone ahead with the operation and now being on the other side I can only say I am extremely grateful to Mr Malik. He is not only a very skilful surgeon but caring, warm and down-to-earth, with an excellent sense of humour! Mr Malik is always approachable, responds very quickly to calls and emails and helps out with enquiries/requests far beyond his call of duty. I really can’t thank him enough."

B Nilsson

22 April, 2015

Post traumatic ankle arthritis - treated with ankle fusion

"On 15 Jan 2010, while cleaning my fish tank, I slipped and fell off the steps, hurting my left ankle. I was unaware just how serious the injury was. I was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Not only had I badly broken my ankle, the ligaments and tendons had been injured as well. I came under the care of Mr Malik in Oct 2012. He immediately put me at ease. Unfortunately a lot of arthritis had developed in my ankle since the break. After a trial of non operative management in December 2013, I had an Ankle Fusion operation. I feel so privileged to be a patient of Mr Malik with the knowledge he will do his very best to help me. Over these past years I feel that Mr Malik and I have formed a good rapport, I have confidence in his professionalism, and admire his approach to people as people, not just as another patient. Mr Malik is always available if there are any doubts, to put one's mind at rest. Mr Ahmad Malik is a truly delightful man and outstanding surgeon. Thank you so very much Mr Malik. "

W M Fuge

09 April, 2015

Right Distal Tibial Stress Lesion - Non operative treatment

"I had been suffering from a extremely painful (R) ankle for over a month when I was referred to Mr Malik. The minute I met him I was instilled with confidence due to his knowledgeable, reasurring and friendly manner and knew from day one that I was in the right hands. He told me exactly what I needed to do to heal my foot, I did it and my foot healed in six weeks. What more can I say, he is a lovely man and a fantastic Orthopaedic Consultant. Thank you Mr Malik."

O Vance

01 April, 2015

Pes Cavus Foot

"I would wholeheartedly endorse previous testimonials that refer to Mr Malik as a brilliant surgeon. He is extremely approachable, courteous and fills you with confidence that you will receive the best possible care. After suffering increasing pain in the ball of my foot for over 20 years, Mr Malik was the first surgeon (having consulted three others) who inspired confidence that he could actually improve my quality of life and return me to sports that I love, hopefully pain free. Three months post surgery to correct a pes cavus foot which was causing an ulcer (and infections), the improvement has been profound. It is still early days and although further surgery may be required in the future I just wish I had seen him years ago. I don't think any surgeon has impressed me more and I have seen a few in my 70 odd years. I cannot thank him enough for the quality of care and reassurance he conveys. A truly delightful man and outstanding surgeon."

R Moody

28 February, 2015

Fracture of 5th Metatarsal Bone

"I'd seen Ahmad previously when I'd fractured the 5th metatarsal of my right foot (treated non operatively) so was pleased he agreed to see me again when just 12 months later I fell and fractured the same metatarsal in my left foot. Ahmad is a delightful man, friendly, reassuring and very knowledgeable. I felt confident I was in the best hands. On this occasion he recommended a plate with screws to fix the fracture and I have to say this was the easiest surgery I have ever had. Recovery was uncomplicated and the pain was well controlled with medication for a few days and after that I was more comfortable. I can't recommend Ahmad highly enough. If you're in a similar situation, he's the guy to ask for."

S Mayer


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