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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

25 February, 2015

Removal of Rheumatoid nodule on left foot

"I am currently 7 weeks into recovery from having a very large and unusual rheumatoid nodule removed from the ball of my left foot by my wonderful surgeon Mr Malik. After 7 weeks of being treated by this man and his team I'm in no doubt I'm getting the best care available. He tells it like it is and let's you know the risks and doesn't gloss over the problems and hardships you may encounter during recovery. Please listen to him people! He knows his stuff and as I have found out foot surgery is very complicated. So thank you Mr Malik for your continuing care and support and all the laughs and jokes long the way. You are a leg end (lol sorry couldn't resist) Kind regards Caroline"

C Ingram

24 February, 2015

Bunion removal on both feet 16th December 2014

"Mr Malik made me feel at ease from start to finish, his calm approach was reassuring, and he just gave me so much confidence in him, he explained the procedure to me and all about the recovery and how long it would take, I can say both my feet are recovering lovely and I am hoping to be back to work next week, thank you Mr Malik."

H Wright

23 February, 2015

Left foot 3 fractured toes, right ankle fracture

"Having struggled for six weeks following a fall at home I saw Mr. Malik who thoroughly x-rayed both feet/ankles and explained to me how to proceed to promote healing. I followed his instructions - including appropriate footwear and ankle brace and I saw him again after six weeks. All fractures have mended. Thank you so much for your help, advice and wonderful manner."

E Bowles

17 February, 2015

Left 1st MTP Toe Fusion

"Mr Malik, I can’t thank you enough for fixing me up so well, and making it possible for me to get back to my usual activities again – I am very grateful to you! To anyone considering toe fusion surgery, let me share my experience. Mr Malik is an extremely courteous, friendly and approachable surgeon, who immediately makes you feel at ease, explains things clearly in simple terms, and it’s obvious as soon as you meet him, that he is very skilled and knowledgeable, and will do his very best for you. I’m in my mid fifties and have increasingly suffered from arthritis in various joints since my mid 20s. I’d already had a 1st MTP fusion on my Right foot back in 2009 (when I was a tad younger) and had managed to get back to my tennis and gym activities within about 4 to 5 months. In 2014, I needed to get the same Op done on my increasingly painful Left foot too, as it had got to the stage where it hurt just to walk, let alone play tennis which I love. I feel very fortunate to have been placed under the care of Mr Malik for this 2nd op, who did an absolutely brilliant job. OK, it took me a fair bit longer this 2nd time around (about 10 months) to get back to full strength and mobility to be able to play sports again (no doubt due to my advancing years), but I got there in the end, and here I am again, back to gym, hiking and playing decent tennis again, irrespective of having fused main toe joints in both feet. I have no doubt that this successful outcome was due to the sheer skill of Mr Malik."

P Mayhew

16 February, 2015

Spiral break of the Tibia and Fibula

"Transported to Stoke Mandeville by ambulance in April 13 from a high fall, with my left leg was barely together. I was seen by Mr Malik a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was undaunted by the complex operation, he applied a titanium plate and screws, and his determination to manage and perform the op reasured me he was going to use his skills to the very best of his capabilities. I was not dissapointed and afterwards in the follow up clinic the care and understanding to me prompted a positive reaction in that I would do all in my power to further that which he had created. I cannot thank Mr Malik enough for what he has done and would not hesitate to recommend his services to other patients. He is truly the best J Goulding"

J Goulding


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