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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

05 March, 2023

Left Ankle Fusion

"I came to see Mr Malik in October 2022 with pain in my left ankle. I suffered from Osteoarthritis in both ankles. He had already carried out a successful ankle fusion on my right ankle in 2015 and said then, that one day I’ll need my left ankle fused. We set a date for December 5th and I have to say the most inventive thing he did was to record himself whilst he explained everything about the operation, the pros and cons, what to expect, what could happen and the chances of. This video was then sent to me via his business WhatsApp account which I could then always refer to. This is how we kept in touch whilst I was recovering at home. Such a simple, yet genius idea. I would send photos of the ankle he would comment, he would then check up on me every week or so. ‘How its going buster?’ I would obviously respond accordingly. I would also see him for one to one check ups at the hospital. His personal care and attention is exemplary and something we unfortunately rarely see. Recommendations about diet, to help and enhance the healing process, to put us ‘the patient’ in the best place possible for a positive outcome. I did have a positive outcome, and this is thanks to the unique way Ahmad cares and attends to his patients. I would whole heartedly recommend Mr Malik and cannot thank him enough."

David Jackson

19 August, 2022

Calcaneocuboid arthritis

"I came to see Mr Malik suspecting I had a stress fracture in my foot, picked up whilst playing hockey. Walking was painful and I couldn't even contemplate running. Following an MRI scan he actually diagnosed me with Calcaneocuboid arthritis, which I certainly wasn't expecting as an active female in my early 40s. Mr Malik was very thorough in explaining what the scans showed, and what the different treatment options looked like both at the current stage, and looking ahead if symptoms worsened. Together we decided to opt for conservative management of the condition, as we were both keen to avoid surgery if at all possible. Mr Malik fitted me with some custom-made orthotics, advised on the most appropriate brand of footwear to try to minimise pain, and also recommended non-impact sport/exercise for several months. Within a week of wearing his orthotics I was walking pain free, and now a few months down the line I have started running again with no adverse effects. Throughout the whole process I have been extremely impressed with Mr Malik's clear explanations, depth of knowledge, approachability and genuine care that he shows for his patients. I would certainly recommend Mr Malik to anybody struggling with foot or ankle issues."

Carol Easter

03 April, 2020

chronic ankle sprain, rupture of ATFL and CFL

"Ahmad had already successfully operated on my son's ankle so when I injured myself whilst at the gym I knew there was only one person I was going to call. I am a busy teacher with 2 teenage boys and a husband who travels a lot for work, so getting back to normal life was going to be difficult but essential. My recovery was very slow and frustrating but through every step Ahmad was supportive and no nonsense. He didn't sugar coat things, he gave me the bare facts and gave me options throughout my recovery. I had issues with my return to work which he was incredibly supportive with. Mandy, his secretary was incredibly efficient, even suggesting Netflix boxsets to watch whilst I was stuck on the sofa! I would not hesitate to recommend Ahmad, he is quite simply a legend."

Nichola I'Anson

20 May, 2019


"I had been suffering from severe pain and global swelling in my foot for a number of months which had left me severely incapacitated. I saw Mr Malik on a couple of occasions and he arranged for blood tests, X-ray and MRI. His whole approach was refreshing and professional demonstrating a genuine interest in my wellbeing and to getting me back on my feet. He took time to explain clearly what was going on in my foot and making a referral to a rheumatologist in order to arrange the appropriate long term strategy for managing my condition. I would without hesitation recommend Mr Malik to anyone requiring attention to their foot or ankle."

Mark Davies

15 March, 2019

Right 1st MTP Fusion and claw toe correction on 2nd toe.

"I have been absolutely delighted at every stage of the process. Mr Malik’s professionalism, approachability and communication have been at all times very impressive. At the initial consultation, I felt my condition was explained clearly, as were the options available and risks of each. From that consultation, I was able to use this excellent website to make truly well-informed decision. I liked the option Mr Malik offered to create a WhatsApp connection for ease of communication, through which I was provided the full information about my treatment including pre-and post op x-rays. It also allowed to communicate directly with Mr Malik if I wished to raise issues. On the one occasion I did, he replied within 2 minutes. The operations could not have gone smoother and the scar is incredibly neat and still improving. The outcome was excellent and I now have beautifully straight and pain free toes. All aspects of the aftercare have been equally superb and I really welcomed what was clearly a very personal interest in my recovery. I could not recommend Mr Malik more highly and I am extremely grateful to him for the outstanding job he has done of correcting a painful and debilitating condition."

Peter Drissell


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