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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

20 May, 2019


"I had been suffering from severe pain and global swelling in my foot for a number of months which had left me severely incapacitated. I saw Mr Malik on a couple of occasions and he arranged for blood tests, X-ray and MRI. His whole approach was refreshing and professional demonstrating a genuine interest in my wellbeing and to getting me back on my feet. He took time to explain clearly what was going on in my foot and making a referral to a rheumatologist in order to arrange the appropriate long term strategy for managing my condition. I would without hesitation recommend Mr Malik to anyone requiring attention to their foot or ankle."

Mark Davies

15 March, 2019

Right 1st MTP Fusion and claw toe correction on 2nd toe.

"I have been absolutely delighted at every stage of the process. Mr Malik’s professionalism, approachability and communication have been at all times very impressive. At the initial consultation, I felt my condition was explained clearly, as were the options available and risks of each. From that consultation, I was able to use this excellent website to make truly well-informed decision. I liked the option Mr Malik offered to create a WhatsApp connection for ease of communication, through which I was provided the full information about my treatment including pre-and post op x-rays. It also allowed to communicate directly with Mr Malik if I wished to raise issues. On the one occasion I did, he replied within 2 minutes. The operations could not have gone smoother and the scar is incredibly neat and still improving. The outcome was excellent and I now have beautifully straight and pain free toes. All aspects of the aftercare have been equally superb and I really welcomed what was clearly a very personal interest in my recovery. I could not recommend Mr Malik more highly and I am extremely grateful to him for the outstanding job he has done of correcting a painful and debilitating condition."

Peter Drissell

13 March, 2019

Consultation for 2nd Opinion

"I sent an email at 11.00pm late on a Monday night, outlining all my previous operational/procedures and conditions in order that he would get a "full picture" of what I wanted his opinion on. Remarkably 1/2 an hour later at 11.30pm at night I received an email giving me an appointment in his clinic in Devonshire Street, London, for the very next day! I was greeted with a really sincere happy and open smile and strong handshake and made to feel "special" from that moment on. We discussed the deteriorating condition of my right arthritic ankle which gives me constant pain everyday, to the point I could no longer ignore it. He went through the MRI scan I had brought along with me, in very great detail explaining every image. I had never had another consultant take such time to explain what fundamentally IS important to be understood by the patient - in a way that was on so informative and on my level but at no way in the slightest bit patronizing - quite the opposite. He really "wanted me to understand" every aspect. Whilst my condition will need further surgery he suggested a far less radical surgery, to perhaps give me a year or two of decreased pain before ultimately having to resort to ankle fusion or replacement. This operation had not been suggested or offered by my current Orthopaedic Surgeon. Mr Malik's suggestions on further treatment, should the cortisone injections I was having the next fail to give me the benefit I need were gratefully received and have given me more hope for the future I now feel very much more confident and it was wonderful to be treated as "me" rather than just another patient who floats into a consultant's office, and leaves feeling despondent. In conclusion, I have nothing but admiration for his relaxed but thoroughly professional approach and for the sound, supportive, sympathetic advise given - arming me with more positivety for the future. Thank you Mr Malik, and to your wonderful secretary Mandy who I can honestly say gave me the best advise and help I have every received. Wish I lived in London!"

Annie Hammerton

06 March, 2019

Bunion & 2nd Toe Corrections on both feet

"I first met Mr Malik in July 2018 when I went to see him to ask him to look at my very painful right bunion and a 2nd toe that not only crossed over my big toe but had become “claw like”. My first impression of him was excellent, he smiled, shook my hand and asked me what he could do for me. My response was that I was in a lot of pain/discomfort but that I was a busy woman with a stressful job and could he do anything that didn’t result in an operation. Mr Malik examined my right foot and said that he didn’t believe there was a great deal he could do without operating. Needless to say, I was outwardly upset but I did appreciate his honesty. He then said that he couldn’t even contemplate operating until I had seen a vascular consultant to get my very bad varicose veins looked at and then I would have to have a proximal gastroc release to ensure the movement in my feet improved. As Mr Malik pointed out, this was all about looking at the bigger picture and he needed to have my legs in the best possible condition so that foot surgery could be as successful as possible. My journey then began! I had my veins “microwaved” in September followed by the gastroc release in both calf muscles in October. Mr Malik operated on my right foot in November followed by my left foot in January (bunion and 2nd toe crossover) and during the left foot surgery he had to go back into the right foot to try and lower the 2nd toe even further. At this point I would like to add that I had been in pain for 5 years and I had seen a different consultant 4 years previously. This consultant had recommended surgery then but I was too busy to even contemplate it and as a result I had suffered the pain. I am a runner and had also continued running which just made the pain worse. Please don’t do what I did, listen to your body and find time to invest in your health. Because I didn’t, I made Mr Malik’s job so much harder which was one of the reasons he had to work further on the 2nd right toe. On Monday, Mr Malik discharged me but made sure that I know I can go back to him at any point should I need to. I still have some hydrotherapy and physio ahead of me but my journey is almost complete. These past 6 months have been physically and mentally challenging but I couldn’t have done any of it without the amazing support and kindness of Mr Malik. He has been fantastic all the way through this; he is professional, kind, informative, supportive, honest and an awesome surgeon. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and I am now starting to get my life back. I did have many dark moments throughout these operations but I tried very hard to remain as positive as I could and I know this helped me. I would recommend Mr Malik without hesitation. Thank you so much Mr Malik for looking after me incredibly well!"

Karen Bishop

05 March, 2019

Bunion & 2nd Toe Corrections on both feet

"My journey with Mr Malik started in July 2018 when I met him for the first time and asked him to look at my foot as I was suffering with a painful bunion on the right foot, a second toe that not only crossed over my big toe but was also "claw like" and I had a great deal of pain under the foot. I immediately warmed to Mr Malik who greeted me with a smile, shook my hand and said "what can I do for you?" I responsed that my right foot hurt, that I was a busy woman with a stressful job and was there anything he could do without operating...needless to say, his response was that there wasn't a great deal he could do without operating. I respected his honestly so much when he said that to me. At this point, I'd like to say that I had been suffering for 5 years and had seen a different consultant many years before but because I didn't want an operation (too busy), I walked away and for the next 4 years, I put up with the pain which just got worse. I was a runner and kept on running more and more through the pain too which didn't help at all. My advice to anyone is listen to your body and don't be put off by surgery if it's needed. Because I did, it just made the surgery more complex. And so my journey began that very day! Mr Malik looked at my right foot and said that before he could do anything, I needed to get very bad varicose veins looked at and then I needed to have surgery to release the tension in both calf muscles so that there was greater moment in my feet. Without these operations, Mr Malik was not prepared to consider operating on my feet. This was because it was important that my legs were in the best possible place to aid recovery from the foot surgery. He looked at the whole health picture, not just my toes! In September I had my veins in both legs "microwaved" and in October I had a Proximal Gastroc Release in both calf muscles. In November, Mr Malik operated on my right foot and in January he operated on my left foot to correct a painful bunion and a 2nd crossover toe. During this surgery, Mr Malik went back into the right foot to work on the second toe again because he wanted to try and lower the toe further. Throughout all three operations that Mr Malik has performed, he has been absolutely amazing. He has been supportive, he has been caring and has always explained everything to me in great detail. He is incredibly professional and I have felt such trust in him at all times. He has answered all my questions and given me his time to ensure that at each stage, I have completely understood the processes that I have gone through. Yesterday, after 6 months, Mr Malik discharged me but made absolutely sure that I know I can contact him should I need to in the future. I still have some hydro therapy and physio ahead but I am almost at the end of my journey. It has been a challenging 6 months mentally and physically but I've got there and I wouldn't have done so without the support I have received from Mr Malik. I would absolutely recommend him without hesitation. He is an outstanding surgeon and such a kind and gentle man. I am absolutely delighted with the results and this has certainly been a huge investment in my health. I can't deny that it hasn't been a difficult period in my life but I have remained as positive as I can which has certainly helped. I'm now starting to get my life back and I can honestly say that all I have been through has been worth it! Thank you Mr Malik."

Karen Bishop


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