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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

08 February, 2019

Left foot 2nd & 3rd TMT Joint Fusion

"This surgery was performed in October of last year and I am very pleased to say that I have been walking, without aids, since the middle of January. Both patient, patient's husband and Mr Malik are exceptionally pleased with the way the joints fused and healed so quickly and I am without pain in the area where once I had a lot of pain. I only wish my other arthritic joints could be sorted out as easily."

Sarah D

31 January, 2019

Plantar Plate Injury & Sesamoid

"My experience with Mr Malik has been exceptional - he is clearly a talented Surgeon and Consultant. He has always been charismatic, professional and caring throughout my injury. I am in the unfortunate situation where the injury is still on-going and he has to review the progress in 2 months time. If the situation requires, he will have to operate - but I would feel confident in putting my trust in Mr Malik. I could not recommend Mr Malik highly enough!"

James Steadman

27 November, 2018

Defect in the Talar Dome

"Mr Malik Is absolutely wonderful! From the moment you meet him you feel at complete easy and know you can trust him to fix you! My only complaint would be that he is not a specialist in every field! I went to him thinking I would end up in a cast or worse an operation, neither was needed he had me do a course of physio to prevent my injury from increasing and so far it's been going well. I am so glad I trusted him and didn't just beg him to let me go back to work, he wasn't just looking at my injury for today he was looking at my injury for tomorrow."

Suzanna Dagger

26 November, 2018

Removal prominent screw distal 1st MTP,additional screw and removal medial eminence.

"Having experienced a protracted delay in NHS care we opted to see Mr.Malik and were fortunate in taking a cancellation outpatient appointment at The Chiltern Hospital. He was very understanding giving a balanced view of surgical options. Referring to x-rays, Mr Malik enabled an informed collective decision regarding the proposed way forward for Mum who is 89yrs old. In doing so he empowered her to be very involved in her care, with empathy and kindness throughout. Even more impressive was that despite his operating time being fully booked he managed to negotiate additional theatre time, enabling Mum to have her operation 8 days later. Her hospital stay was comfortable and uncomplicated and she is now awaiting custom orthotics having also been seen by a Specialist in Podiatric Biomechanics. Mr Malik is rightly proud of the care he affords his patients and involves the wider family as is appropriate. Elderly patients frequently have complex multiple medical problems but clearly your feet no matter what age are Mr Malik's priority, which we fully endorse! His care in the true sense of the word so evident from start to finish and much appreciated."

J. Goodwin

22 September, 2018

Stress Fracture Sesamoid

"A while back I damaged my sesamoid bone whilst playing football, it was misdiagnosed. I was told I had an inflamed tendon and by continuing impact exercise I should get better. I spent a long time making my sesamoid worse thinking it was a tendon issue. I went to see an orthopaedic foot specialist and had 3 scans done, I was told I had a loss of blood supply in my sesamoid. I was referred to NHS Orthotics (which I haven't even seen 5 months on from the referral) I then spent a lot of money on a set of orthotics, but they were badly done. I was referred to a physio and I was told by the physio I would never get better from the injury. I spent months getting and feeling worse as I ended up doing no exercise (as instructed by physio) and feeling terrible as I was very active previously. I then went to see Mr Malik, in a complete emotional state. Going to see Mr Malik was the best thing I did. He instantly reassured me and is very receptive. Luckily my scans were on the system and he took the time to show me it and answered a load of questions I had. Seeing the scans instantly reassured me as I had thought it was much worse. I had another scan with Mr Malik to assess progress, which showed that the initial diagnosis - a loss of blood supply isn't even there! Mr Malik reassured me and gave me a lot of tips. He referred to me to a podiatrist for custom Orthotics, which are really well made! He also referred me to a physio - who he had spoken to beforehand. Mr Malik's personable approach makes a great orthopaedic surgeon. Thank you, Mr Malik, for making me feel a lot better about my injury. I know the recovery will take time but I am hopeful I will get better and will go for runs and play football again!"



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