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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

12 June, 2018

Left Ankle Arthroscopy and Anterior Debridement Left Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction

"I suffered a major trauma to my ankle 25 years ago, leaving it with little stability and painful in mornings. Increasingly problematic when running. I underwent the surgical procedure last November. Mr Malik is a great guy, gets to the point, kept me fully informed of the options available. I did not feel as though I was been driven to go down a particular treatment route but felt very well advised. By the time of the date for surgery I did not harbour any concerns that he would not do a good job and that is exactly what he did. At the weekend I completed a 30 mile challenging hill walk. Twelve months ago I would have been limping for days afterwards. This morning the left ankle feels great its just the rest of me that aches, I wonder if he is any good with lower backs? Huge thank you to Mr MaliK and his team. Richard"

Richard Dixon

06 June, 2018

Peroneus brevis insertional tendinopathy

"I was very fortunate to be referred to Mr Malik at The Chiltern Hospital and he was able to see me at very short notice due to a cancelled appointment. From the moment I walked into his consulting room I was made to feel completely at ease. After only a few minutes of discussion I felt totally confident in his ability to diagnose and treat the extreme pain I was experiencing in my left foot. Mr Malik organised an MRI scan and extensive blood tests that revealed the cause of the problem. Rather than carry out invasive and painful treatment Mr Malik referred me to a physiotherapist in the first instance and instructed me to contact him again in two months to advise him of progress. My foot problem has improved over the past two weeks, however, if the pain is not completely alieviated by physiotherapy I will have no hesitation in putting myself in the very capable hands of Mr Malik for follow up treatment."

Paul Hodges

15 May, 2018

Left anterior calcaneal process fracture with underlying oedema and calcaneal cuboid arthritis

"Follow-on to my post of 17th October 2017 In February this year, and after we had discussed and eliminated other options together over a period of time, Ahmad Malik performed a calcaneocuboid fusion procedure for me. On the day of the operation he spent time with my wife, young daughter and myself to describe the process, the recovery and any potential risks, and to answer any questions we still had. The procedure went faultlessly, and there is barely a mark to be seen, in spite of this being a reasonably significant operation. Although ultimate full recovery is still a month or two away, I am ahead of the schedule originally predicted, and the underlying pain experienced prior to surgery seems to have gone. The discomfort associated with regaining full mobility has also been relatively minor, all things considered. Ahmad's meticulous attention to detail in every aspect has played a major role in this, from the quality of his work, through to the specific guidance on appropriate activity immediately post-operation. He has a network of contacts for assisting with rehabilitation exercises, and has even taken the trouble to recommend specific footwear and where to source it, based on what I want to do as I return to full fitness. For anyone considering this, or a similar procedure, I would like to stress one word - "care". It is a deceptively short word, but to me encapsulates everything about Ahmad and the way he works. He has a rare sincerity and a genuine passion for ensuring that the person he is looking after is supported in every way. Throughout the build-up to the operation, immediately after and even now, he is in regular contact to make sure everything is progressing as it should. One should never lose sight of the fact that any surgical procedure carries inherent risk. Beyond that, a successful outcome is a case of entering into a two-way partnership based on trust. I can think of nobody I else I would trust more."

Tim Thomson

19 April, 2018

1st MTP Joint Fusion (right foot)

"I underwent surgery for a 1st MTP Joint Fusion on my right foot on 16th February 2018. I was admitted to the Chiltern Hospital as a Day Patient. Prior to this I had visited Mr. Malik several times; he ensured I was given all information I needed to know in order to make a decision whether or not to have the operation. He was extremely patient and was able to explain in ‘layman’s’ terms what the operation would entail and the likely immediate symptoms and longer term considerations and now, 8 weeks after the operation I can confirm that he was right on the ball. On the day of the surgery Mr. Malik came to see me and again explained the procedure and asked me whether I had any questions. His extensive knowledge alongside his personable and agreeable approach really put me at ease and I felt I was in safe hands. Mr. Malik visited me again after the operation and reiterated instructions for when I returned home. I was prescribed pain killers and surgical stockings which I had to wear (bear) overnight due to a previous DVT. It was difficult, at first, to negotiate essential daily tasks on ‘one leg’ however, a friend had organised a ‘Stride-On’ for me and I had purchased a shower stool which I would highly recommend for anybody having this surgery – after a few days I was whizzing around on the ‘Stride On’ and putting no pressure at all on my foot. Mr. Malik prescribed Codeine to manage the pain and told me that I could also take Paracetamol however, after a couple of days I stopped taking the Paracetamol and after 6 days stopped taking the Codeine. For a successful recovery it is important to follow Mr. Malik’s instructions; being an active person I did struggle mentally with having to sit my foot elevated for 2 weeks however, I did as I was told and was extremely pleased to see how well my foot had healed two weeks later, on 06th March when the dressings were taken off. At this appointment Mr. Malik instructed me to keep my foot elevated the majority of the time and not to weight bear for at least another 4 weeks – again, the ‘Stride On’ helped me to manage some of the small tasks I felt more ‘up to’. I was always careful not to over-do it, I did not want to hamper my recovery in any way. I didn’t get on at all with the crutches, my balance is shot away. I returned to Mr. Malik on 09th April in trainers having been weight bearing for about a week. My foot and toe were still a little swollen but the scar had completely healed and I was in no pain at all. Mr. Malik was also pleased with my recovery. I am so pleased with the outcome of this operation and can absolutely recommend Mr. Malik to anybody who is considering this surgery or any other foot/ankle surgery who is able to access his services."

Lynne Downes

10 April, 2018


"I had heard people say how painful it was to have a bunion corrected - not for me! From my first meeting with Mr Malik he put me totally at ease with his calm and reassuring manner. He explained clearly what the surgery would entail and what I should expect during my recovery. I followed his instructions to the letter and can honestly say I had no pain whatsoever. However, the first couple of weeks were a challenge having to keep my foot elevated 95% of the time but with forward planning (lots of meals in the freezer), good books to read and a very patient husband I got through it - you soon get into a routine. I even came to enjoy the enforced rest and gave myself the time to recover. I'm delighted with the result and love my new foot. Mr Malik and his team were brilliant and I cannot thank them enough."

Virginia Williams


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