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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

10 April, 2018


"I had heard people say how painful it was to have a bunion corrected - not for me! From my first meeting with Mr Malik he put me totally at ease with his calm and reassuring manner. He explained clearly what the surgery would entail and what I should expect during my recovery. I followed his instructions to the letter and can honestly say I had no pain whatsoever. However, the first couple of weeks were a challenge having to keep my foot elevated 95% of the time but with forward planning (lots of meals in the freezer), good books to read and a very patient husband I got through it - you soon get into a routine. I even came to enjoy the enforced rest and gave myself the time to recover. I'm delighted with the result and love my new foot. Mr Malik and his team were brilliant and I cannot thank them enough."

Virginia Williams

23 October, 2017

Left bunion deformity

"The Surgeon cut me down to Size but their kindness was no surprise. A pain free op does amaze but to you I give all my praise. Bunion (hallux valgus) is a name to regret but my foot will be given more respect. my mother was in despair years ago saying "i have given you a very good toe". My father provided a seat on the stairs with mother's raised feet bed in early days. Thank you for everything."

Diana Shorey

18 October, 2017

Left anterior calcaneal process fracture with underlying oedema and calcaneal cuboid arthritis

"As the son of a consultant physician, I was brought up to understand that a significant part of a patient's successful recovery takes place "between the ears". My father taught me that a good doctor manages that particular space clearly and factually, yet sympathetically, blending professionalism with empathy. Ahmad Malik is a consultant my late father would very much have approved of. His face-to-face explanations have been clear and positive, yet realistic. Post-consultation he has responded fully to my emails, and even took it upon himself to phone me in his own time in order to clarify the treatment options open to me with my wife. Somewhat to my (pleasant) surprise, the initial recommendation was for treatment by way of image guided injection, rather than surgery, and this has worked wonders to date. Will this prove to be a permanent resolution? Time will tell. If not, will surgery provide the permanent "fix"? Who knows… There are no certainties, but I have every confidence that the very best outcome that is possible will be achieved under Mr Malik's care and guidance. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone requiring specialist ankle / foot diagnosis and treatment."

Tim Thomson

18 October, 2017

Right medal malleolar osteotomy and deltoid ligament reconstruction

"After years of ankle injuries playing sport, I was left with a large spur of bone in my right ankle which had begun to reduce my range of movement and was causing discomfort and reduced mobility. As a busy professional and young(ish) father, mobility, exercise and quality of life were still high on the agenda as well as aspirations of growing older gracefully and unimpeded. Mr Malik came highly recommended. Once the problem was diagnosed by Mr Malik, the surgery was explained clearly and I was directed to additional online materials which helped me to understand further what was going to happen, understanding the detail provided a lot of comfort. The surgery was complex, yet by following all of Mr Malik's advice, I was up and about and back to work within 6 weeks of the surgery. The results of the operation feel almost miraculous. The scar healed beautifully and I feel like I have a new ankle. My physiotherapy is ahead of schedule and I am soon to commence personal training organised through Mr Malik to help me run again. The prospect of surgery can be daunting but having been through it with Mr Malik I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his skill and his support."

Ronan Mellon

21 August, 2017

Hallux Valgus Bunion and second toe correction

"After several years of managing with a bunion and painful hammer toe, I decided to have an operation on the advice of Mr Malik, because of the severity. The operation went very well and I had minimal pain after the operation. I followed Mr Malik's advice and kept my foot elevated for 6 weeks. This involved a lot of patience by me and particularly my wife. This was followed by "physio". The result is that some 4 months later all swelling has gone and I can play tennis twice a week. I am very happy that Mr Malik's expertise has enabled me to be fully active again. Mr Malik is excellent at communicating with his patients and is a very skilled surgeon. I have minimal scar tissue."

Mr E Titcomb


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