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At The London Foot and Ankle Clinic we aim to deliver the best orthopaedic foot and ankle treatment. Please read some of our patient experiences to help you understand the service we provide.

10 November, 2014


"Mr Malik explained very clearly the procedure and that it was important that I followed his post operative instructions afterwards, if I wished to recover quickly. I was very nervous on the day of the operation and he was so kind and reassuring. After the operation he clearly explained what I had to do when I went home and also after my follow up visits. The whole experience was not unpleasant and my foot has healed up beautifully just as Mr Malik had said it would, if I followed his instructions. I would highly recommend him."

L Bardwell

10 November, 2014


"From the moment I met Mr Malik in January 2014, I felt 100% confident with him. His professionalism and thorough approach reassured me immediately. I had a bony lump on my left foot, which had been there for nearly two years. Having had an ultrasound and X-ray I was referred to Mr Malik by my GP. At our first consultation meeting, my mind was put at ease, despite the fact that I had to be operated on and the lump needing to be removed. I asked Mr Malik so many questions and he answered them all, however minuscule. My MRI scan took place the following day and a date was made for my operation. On the day of my operation I saw Mr Malik in the morning and once again, he was supportive and enthusiastic about the procedure. After my operation, I felt absolutely fine and didn't feel unwell or in any pain. Two months on and I have since been back to see Mr Malik for my biopsy results. Luckily, the lump was benign and Mr Malik was very pleased with the procedure. I cannot praise Mr Malik enough; he is truly an amazing surgeon and he made my experience straightforward. He really is a humble and admirable person and I feel very lucky to be one of his patients."

J Beech

10 November, 2014

Revision 1st MTP Joint Fusion

"Ahmad Malik took over my case following a botched operation by a podiatrist. My initial procedures were – right foot 1st metatarsal osteotomy and 2nd toe arthroplasty. I ended up with a severe foot infection and was admitted to hospital where I remained for 2 weeks whilst the wound was treated. I then transferred my care to Mr Malik. I could see on the x-rays that the initial operation was all wrong. Mr Malik asked me to wait a few months to let the swelling to settle and my tissues to heal. At the right time he said he would then operate. In the end the result was spectacular. Despite being in severe discomfort as a result of the complicated initial operation, within a few weeks of the operation carried out by Mr Malik I was no longer in any pain and in 6 weeks walking without a stick. The x-rays were remarkable showing a clean tidy neat job, with (and this was the object from the start) straight toes. I am now walking up to 20km a week, playing golf and even playing football with my grandson – things not possible for the previous 5 years. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Malik, not only for his undoubted skill but his positive, no nonsense and very frank attitude. Patient Alert: Beware Caledonian sense of humour!“"

R McDonough

10 November, 2014

Bilateral 1st MTP Joint Arthritis

"Mr Ahmad Malik has the aesthetic sense of a sculptor, the precision of an engineer, the charm and helpfulness of a first-class hotel concierge. As a result of his work, I am now able to walk around again and do my hobbies, and even do the downward dog (Yoga). Before the two surgeries, spaced five weeks apart, walking was difficult and I was in constant pain."

M Nayman

10 November, 2014

Ankle Osteochondral Lesion and Midfoot Arthritis

"I was recommended to get in touch with Mr Malik to get a second opinion on some foot surgery that was diagnosed for my mother. I was not only impressed with Mr Malik's opinion but also his diagnostic skills that has now led to positive results but also with the manner in which he explained the surgery and the post surgery support my mother has received."

J Patel


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