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Ankle Sprain

What Is An Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprains are the commonest sports musculoskeletal injury.

The injury involves damage to one or more ligaments around the ankle. Ligaments are a type of tissue in the body that connects bone to bone. Ligaments provide stability to the joints. Please read more about the ligaments of the foot and ankle here.

The most common ankle sprain is a lateral ankle ligament injury. This typically occurs after inverting (turning in) the ankle.

Medial ligament injuries are rarely sustained in isolation and indicate a more serious ankle injury.

High ankle sprains are a complex spectrum of injuries which are often missed. Your orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon will have a low index for suspicion in the presence of a very swollen and injured ankle.

It is not unusual for patients to have a combination of these injuries.

For more information about these injuries please see below: