Who said you can’t do sports after an Ankle Fusion?

November 1, 2016

One of the questions I get asked most often from patients with severe ankle arthritis is “will I be able to do sports after a fusion?”. Many are surprised when I say that they should be able to. An ankle fusion is an excellent operation with regards to pain relief and improvement in function.

You don’t have to take my word for it, here is what a patient of mine has to say about his bilateral ankle fusions.

My New Ankle Joints!

By mid 2014 my ankle joints on both feet had become severely damaged by arthritis after a lifetime of playing sports such as running, football, squash and tennis. The ankle bones had grown grotesquely out of shape to compensate for the arthritic damage.

On consultation, Mr Malik recommended ankle fusions on both feet. In October 2014 I underwent the first procedure on my right ankle and after eight weeks of non-weight bearing, and rigorously following his recuperation instructions, I moved on to an air cast boot for four weeks duration. Three months after the operation I was walking normally again without assistance.

A month later in February 2015, I underwent the same procedure for the other ankle. In many ways, the recuperation period was harder with this one, as there could be a tendency to cut corners. The temptation resisted, I  subsequently proceeded to undergo physiotherapy under a professional recommended by Mr Malik, and commenced swimming and then low impact activity like cycling. By August  2015, I was playing tennis again and by October, 2015 exactly a year after the first operation, I felt I was back to my best. 12 months later, I get no pains or aches from either ankle and at the age of 58 I am playing the best tennis of my life, with absolutely no restriction to my movements.


I would highly recommend Mr Malik, and the ankle fusion procedure he conducted on me, but I really would really like  to emphasise the importance of following to the letter his post operation instructions.

Warren Lomax November 2016

Playing tennis after having both ankles fused

Playing tennis after having both ankles fused

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I have just been told I have severe bone degradation (arthritis) in my ankle. I am a climber and work as a personal trainer so to hear about your recovery from fusion op has made my day. Well done you

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