Are you really sure you want your operation under local anaesthetic?

May 31, 2017

I was advised by my GP as my blood pressure was higher than he would have liked to have foot surgery to remove a large ganglion under local anaesthetic. Mr Malik preferred to do the procedure under general anaesthetic but agreed to doing it under local due to my concerns about my blood pressure he  warned me that the local anaesthetic injections would be painful. I felt I would be able to cope with some pain and wanted the advantage of being able to leave hospital earlier than if I had had a general. Once the foot was numb I didn’t feel anything during the surgical procedure. However the process of numbing the foot was incredibly painful!

If I had known how painful the injections were going to be I would never have opted for this. The pain was excruciating, almost unbearable. Had one injection been enough I would have coped but 6 or 7 was just too much. My husband suffered as he was trying to comfort me and Mr Malik suffered as clearly he did not want to be hurting me. The pain made me feel nauseous and did little to lower my blood pressure!!! My advise to anyone thinking of having surgery under a local is dont. Go to sleep, awake calm and let the brilliant medical teams do what they need to do without having to worry about you being awake!! Ultimately avoid the pain of injections into you foot, they hurt like hell!

I would like to add that Mr Malik, Mr Size and the team were brilliant (and never once said, we told you so!!!!)



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